Dedicated Practitioners Offering Expert Divorce Mediation Laguna Beach Services

Going through a divorce can be one of the most difficult times in a person’s life. Divorce mediation specialists in Laguna Beach understand the emotional challenges and are committed to helping spouses go through the process with dignity and peace.

At Divorce Mediation of California, our team of expert mediators helps couples reach the important decisions involved in a divorce settlement.

Through compromise and collaboration, spouses avoid a courtroom battle and retain control of the decisions that affect their family for years to come.
Dedicated Practitioners Offering Expert Divorce Mediation Laguna Beach Services

Why Consider Mediation?

Flat Fee
Pay one fee for divorce completion, conflict resolutions, property divisions, and document preparations from beginning to end. Since divorce lawyers already cost a lot, the last thing you need is to spend more on a mediator and collaborative divorce attorney.
Can Be Completed Quickly
Your divorce can be resolved in our law firm with the help of our divorce mediation specialists in just a few weeks instead of months or years in court. Lessening difficult times for you and the kids.
Never Step Foot in the Courthouse
We file all of the documents and process your judgment for you, so you never go to court. It will be easy for you to move forward with your life. Since this involves other family matters as well, you will need certified family law specialists to get the proper support and assistance you need.

What Is Divorce Mediation?

Divorce mediation involves a mediator and a couple. There is no court, judge, witnesses, trial lawyers, or an appointed court representative for the children.

Together, with the help of a neutral third-party facilitator, divorcing couples decide the many issues involved in a divorce settlement.

The distribution of assets and debts, child support, spousal maintenance, and custody and visitation of the children are all agreed upon. While it may be difficult to envision reaching an agreement on these sometimes volatile subjects, it is possible.

Our team of attorneys, mental health professionals, and accountants have helped thousands of families find a peaceful resolution to a difficult process.

For an initial complimentary consultation, contact our team at Divorce Mediation of California today.

Why Is Mediation Better Than Litigation?


The goal of a divorce mediator in Laguna Beach is to help a couple reach important decisions in a non-adversarial manner.

The goal of a trial lawyer is to win by getting their client what they want. These two opposing paths to divorce lead to very different outcomes. 

In litigation, conflict can escalate quickly as couples recite all the reasons they should have custody of the children or a larger share of the assets. Instead of increasing communication, many lawyers advise their clients to abstain from talking about the divorce.

Why Is Mediation Better Than Litigation

The result is a missed opportunity for spouses to come together and arrive at a mutually agreed-upon settlement. Now, the courts are involved and a judge that knows nothing about the many intricate layers of family dynamics will make these decisions for them.

They will decide who gets the physical and legal custody of the children, the visitation schedule, and the amount of child support and spousal maintenance.

In addition to losing control, a divorcing couple loses time, money, and privacy. The process of mediation can take weeks, whereas litigation can take months or years. 

The Court and Your Divorce

For divorces that go to court, each spouse pays legal fees that can reach tens of thousands of dollars. Even for those divorces that stay out of court, a series of hearings leads to mounting fees.

A litigated divorce becomes a public record, while a mediated divorce is private and confidential.

If all of these pointed benefits of mediation over litigation are not enough to sway a couple immersed in resentment and anger, there is one factor that usually does—the children. Litigation can be a brutal experience for children as well as spouses.

Children may be ordered to speak with a court-appointed representative that conducts interviews with them as well as other relevant parties, such as their teachers, doctors, and childcare providers.

From their interviews and observations, they make a recommendation to the court regarding parental custody and visitation rights. What they deem to be in the best interest of the children does not always, or even usually, coincide with the child’s wishes.

Regardless of the reasons for the dissolution of marriage, a couple, though divorced, will remain parents. When parents can get along and co-parent in a healthy manner, children are the winners.

For many couples, the communication skills they learn through the divorce mediation in Laguna Beach lead to better communication skills as co-parents.

What Happens During a Divorce Mediation?

A mediator begins by explaining the issues that need to be addressed. While this neutral third-party does not make any decisions for the spouses, they do navigate the conversation away from confrontation and toward resolution.

A mediator does this by encouraging discussion, explaining the law, and offering creative options when a couple reaches an impasse. Ultimately, the spouses work together to find common ground.

Successful mediation requires that each spouse understand the other’s wants and needs and, just as important, the why behind their desires. As the conversation continues and the layers of buried emotions and interests are uncovered, spouses begin to see the possibilities that will lead to an agreed-upon divorce settlement.

The process of talking it out leads to greater satisfaction with the outcome. Litigation results in a win or lose situation, while mediation allows both parties to reach a compromise that feels like a win for both spouses.

Reaching Decisions in Divorce Mediation

Reaching Decisions in Divorce Mediation

Once a decision is reached, the mediator will draw up the final divorce judgment. A divorce mediator in Laguna Beach always recommends that spouses have this court document reviewed by an independent attorney before signing. 

Once agreed to and signed, our mediators file the documents with the courts. This means that neither you nor your family ever has to step foot into the courthouse. 

To learn more about the process of mediation and to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact us at Divorce Mediation of California today.

Obtain the Services of a Qualified and Experienced Divorce Mediating Team

You’ll find that, as with most professions, there are skilled and seasoned mediators and those that are inexperienced and uninformed. Couples need to ensure that they are working with divorce mediation specialists in Laguna Beach who are experienced in family law. 

At Divorce Mediation of California, our mediation team consists of attorneys, accountants, and mental health professionals who are all experts in the field of family law. 

These experts are committed to using the skills they’ve developed in litigation and mediation to help clients find a way to a peaceful resolution. Spouses can be assured that they are in the hands of qualified and skilled mediators. 

If you’re leaning towards choosing a peaceful divorce process, contact our team at Divorce Mediation of California today.

We specialize in mediation services and work with all parties for negotiation and fast resolution. We serve clients from Orange County:

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