The grand opening of Divorce Mediation of California was celebrated with an open house at their Fashion Island office.  Guests were invited to come for catered lunch and a tour of the comfortable office where the mediation sessions take place.  Reducing legal fees and keeping family law matters out of court is the focus of this fresh new business founded by family law attorney Lisa Risner, a certified family law specialist who has been litigating for years.  “There must be a better way”, is the mantra of many people who find themselves struggling and navigating through the court system.  And there is.  With the guidance of the skilled professionals at Divorce Mediation of California, couples now empower themselves with taking control and determining the outcome of their case, instead of nervously placing it in the hands of the court system.  No case is too big or too small.  We handle any size case such as the simple dissolution with very little assets or the most complex high end matters. All pending issues, including child custody, child support and spousal support, are resolved in the sessions. With a reasonable and affordable flat fee payment and the experienced attorney mediators (and only if necessary, the accountants, psychologists and therapists) who are ready to assist the parties, divorcing couples are now able to tailor the team of mediation professionals they need to address all the issues in their case that would otherwise cost several times more in the traditional court system.  Preserving the clients’ assets and getting the conflict resolved amicably for a one-time flat fee is the positive and healthy way to take control in a  family law matter.