Resolve Your Divorce Out of the Courtroom with our Divorce Mediation Costa Mesa Services

For couples facing a dissolution of their marriage, professional divorce mediators provide an opportunity to come to an agreement on the terms included in the process and reach a settlement together.

Decisions such as spousal and child support, division of property of assets and debts, and child custody are made with the help of professional divorce mediators.

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Why Consider Mediation?

1. Flat Fee

Pay one fee to complete your entire divorce and all the documents from beginning to end.

2. Can Be Completed Quickly

Your divorce can be resolved in our office within weeks instead of months or years in court.

3. Never Step Foot in the Courthouse

We file all of the documents and process your judgement for you, so you never go to court.

While reaching an agreement may seem difficult during the emotional whirlwind of the dissolution of a marriage, getting help from experienced divorce mediators lets couples resolve their disagreements and find a common ground.

This process results in more control over important decisions as well as the added benefits of saving both time and money. For many, keeping the courts out of their divorce proceedings, and maintaining control in the decisions that affect all family members, is the deciding factor when choosing mediation over litigation.

At Divorce Mediation of California, you’ll work with a team of professionals that include attorneys, mental health professionals, and accountants. Each member specializes in family law and can provide the guidance needed to reach an agreement.

For an initial complimentary consultation, contact our team of divorce mediators in Orange County today.

The Benefits of Divorce Mediation

In essence, a divorce mediator in Costa Mesa will guide divorcing spouses to reach an agreement. Because of their years of experience and training, these professionals have developed deescalating strategies to reduce conflict and increase communication.

These tools help divorcing couples navigate through the many decisions toward a common goal. In the end, those that go through mediation will often report that the experience led to less contention and better communication years down the road.

Reaching a settlement through divorce mediation has many benefits.

Staying Out of the Courts

Choosing divorce mediation specialists in Costa Mesa means that you and your family stay out of the courts. Instead of leaving important decisions up to strangers, divorcing spouses can decide crucial matters like what’s best for the children, including visitation and child custody rights.

Judges impose rulings based on impersonal and rigid legal principles. Do they really know what’s best for you and your family?

Litigation often leads to a win-lose situation that creates added conflict. Coming to terms with the help of a mediator leads to a win-win situation, a better outcome for all involved.

Do you want to control the outcome—the decisions that will affect your family for years down the road? Or do you want those life-altering decisions made by a judge that knows little about you and your family?

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We know that in the current context of a challenging divorce, reaching an agreement may seem almost impossible. Our professional team has assisted thousands of clients, facilitating discussions toward resolutions.

For a complimentary consultation, contact us at Divorce Mediation of California today.

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Reducing Costs

Divorces that go to court can lead to tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees. Even for those that stay out of court, a series of hearings amounts to escalating fees.

At Divorce Mediation of California, we offer both flat and hourly fees and can discuss what option is best for you at your initial complimentary consultation.

Saving Time

Divorce through professional divorce mediators can be completed in a matter of weeks. Litigation may take months, if not years. All sessions take place in our office so that you never have to go to court.

We even prepare to file all of the necessary documents to process your judgment. This allows you to get on with your life and begin a new and fulfilling chapter.

Remaining Private and Confidential

Once a divorce goes to court, the case becomes public. All proceedings are a matter of public record, including finances.

Mediation, on the other hand, is confidential. According to California law, all communication, negotiations, or settlement offers in the course of a mediation must remain confidential. In addition, a mediator’s communications cannot be considered by a court.

This means that your personal lives remain private—an outcome that is good for you and your children.

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Reducing Conflict

Litigation results in increased stress and escalating conflict. Attorneys are, after all, hired to protect their clients and ensure their demands are met.

This means that the other party must often proven wrong. The process can be brutal and lead to scars that last a lifetime.

The process of mediation, on the other hand, is based on cooperation and full disclosure. Parties are encouraged to discuss their concerns and have conversations that may have been limited in the days, weeks, or years before a decision to divorce was reached.

As facilitators, divorce mediation in Costa Mesa offer the support and encouragement required to break through walls of separation, creating the space for positive communication.

For many, the ability to communicate extends beyond the mediator’s office and allows them to co-parent in healthy and productive ways down the road.

Putting the Children First

When divorcing parents cannot come to an agreement regarding the custody or visitation rights regarding their children, a court must decide for them. Litigation cannot only be brutal on the adults involved, but can be especially hard on the children.

In a custody dispute, parents may offer the court very different statements regarding their role as a parent. A judge must come to a decision by considering evidence from outside sources.

While no child can dictate their schedule in California the courts will consider the request of children 14 years-of-age and older, and determine the reasons they prefer to spend more time with one parent over another.

Though most parents would prefer to keep their children out of court, they may be the only witness to a parent’s behaviors. Because this can be difficult for children to talk about in front of both parents, judges often speak with the children in their chambers.

The judge may also appoint minor’s or a 730 evaluation professional that investigates the children’s relationship with each parent. This process usually involves extensive interviews, not only with the children, but also with babysitters, teachers, and other prominent people in the children’s life.

Choose the Right Divorce Mediator

We offer a better option for those going through a divorce. Let us help you make choices that are best for all parties involved and, most importantly, the children.

To schedule a complimentary consultation with our divorce mediation specialists in Orange County, contact us at Divorce Mediation of California today.

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