Providing You With Extraordinary Divorce Mediation Services In Irvine City

The whole divorce process can be an emotionally trying time in people’s lives, and divorce mediation lawyers in Orange County, CA, understand what you’re going through, and they can help you make the process full of collaboration instead of conflict.

What led to the decision to dissolve the marriage may result in feelings of betrayal, resentment, or guilt. You are, of course, not alone.

America has the highest divorce rate in the world, with over half of all first marriages ending in divorce. Being in the majority, however, does not negate the effects or the scars that remain after a union has failed.
Providing You With Extraordinary Divorce Mediation Services In Irvine City

Why Consider Mediation?

Flat Fee
Pay one fee for divorce completion, conflict resolutions, property divisions, and document preparations from beginning to end. Since divorce lawyers already cost a lot, the last thing you need is to spend more on a mediator and collaborative divorce attorney.
Can Be Completed Quickly
Your divorce can be resolved in our law firm with the help of our divorce mediation specialists in just a few weeks instead of months or years in court. Lessening difficult times for you and the kids.
Never Step Foot in the Courthouse
We file all of the documents and process your judgment for you, so you never go to court. It will be easy for you to move forward with your life. Since this involves other family matters as well, you will need certified family law specialists to get the proper support and assistance you need.

Now, you have a choice to make: How are you going to get divorced?

A divorce can be contentious, challenging, and expensive. It could also be time to pull together and come up with the best answers to decisions that will affect the family for years to come.

For those that have experienced months or years of little communication and much turmoil, considering a divorce without lawyers mediating out the details may seem nearly impossible.

Divorce mediators in Irvine, CA work with people every day who envision the details of their divorce on the morning news instead of in the confidential offices of a family mediator. If others can achieve a respectful, agreed-upon divorce by both parties, so can you.

At Divorce Mediation of California, you’ll work with a team of certified professionals that may be tailored to mediation lawyers, mental health professionals, and accountants.

While all of these professionals are well-versed in litigation, child custody mediation, and collaborative divorce cases, they’ve come together to create better alternative divorce solutions for couples to get dispute resolution and get on with their lives.

For a no-obligation, complimentary consultation, contact us at Divorce Mediation of California today.

Divorce Mediation: The Better Choice

There are a number of reasons why mediation is considered the better choice when ending a marriage. Divorce mediation Irvine City is considered the better choice when ending a marriage, and here‘s why:


Orange County divorce taking place in the courts becomes a public record. Any grievances, reasons for divorce, or financial discrepancies are available to the public.

Mediated divorce, on the other hand, is private and confidential. California Law decrees that all communications and settlement offers must remain private and should never be brought to court.


Instead of a judge decreeing the details of a divorce, you do. These factors may include child custody, visitation rights, debt and asset distribution, and child or spousal support.

Divorce Mediation: The Better Choice

The couple sits down with divorce mediators in Irvine. They then make these important decisions together, guided by professionals who have spent years helping couples find common ground.

Very few couples want to leave the fate of their finances and family in the hands of a judge who knows little about their dynamics or special considerations.

For those who feel the relationship has decayed to the point that attempting communication and compromise is pointless, we recommend, in most circumstances, that you give divorce mediation Irvine City a try.

Many couples are surprised at the difference experienced family law mediators bring to the table. Remember, it’s our job to help those with irreconcilable differences find a way to collaborate and make decisions in the best interest of all family members.

The presence of a guiding, neutral third party compels people to behave in a manner that can be almost unrecognizable by their spouse.

On the off-chance that divorce mediation Irvine City fails, you can always turn to litigation. If you come to terms with even a few of the details in a divorce agreement, you will reduce attorney’s fees and speed up the litigation process.

Child Friendly

Few parents want to see their children involved in a superior court or judge’s chambers. The emotional scars can be felt long after the actual event. In a mediation process, children are not involved, and neither you nor they have to appear in court.

Both parents sit down together and, with the help of a divorce mediation attorney, determine what is best for their children. Decisions such as child support, legal and physical custody, and visitation are determined by the two people that love their children the most.

This process establishes cohesive communication. You may not be married in the future, but you will always be a parent.

Learning to address your children’s needs in a non-adversarial manner will have long-term beneficial effects as you continue to make joint decisions about their welfare.

The Mediation Process: Why It Works

The Mediation Process: Why It Works

You may be thinking that this process sounds a little too good to be true. How do you sit down and come to settlement agreements with a person you rarely speak to — or when you do, it ends up in a fight?

When people understand what’s at stake, they typically rise to the occasion. As divorce mediation specialists, we’ve seen it countless times.

Here is what you can expect from divorce mediation Irvine City, and why it works.

The initial complimentary consultation serves to answer any questions that you may have and address any concerns. Then, we’ll discuss the details and what to expect so that you have no surprises during your mediation.

Divorce mediation in Irvine, California occurs in sessions. First, we identify the issues that need to be discussed, and everything is laid out on the table, including finances, assets, debts, and how each person would like to see the distribution.

Ultimately, the following agreements will be reached: asset and debt distribution, child support, and a parenting plan that includes custody and visitation.

As California divorce mediation specialists, we facilitate communication and ensure that each person is granted uninterrupted time to share their ideas and concerns.

We may ask questions to clarify points or explain information about the legal system. Additionally, we provide options and alternatives that couples in the midst of a divorce may not have considered and share common ways divorce issues are resolved.

Above all, mediators act as a neutral third party with no favoritism to either side. Thus, we create a safe space for honest communication.

Once agreed upon, a marital settlement agreement is created and reviewed by both parties, and, if rep, by their attorneys, the final paperwork is signed.

We will submit your judgment to act and wait for the judge to sign off on your J. Once returned, your official divorce date will be included in the documents.

Work With The Right Divorce Mediation Team

At Divorce Mediation of California, our team of expert Irvine divorce mediators has helped thousands of couples reach an agreement.

Once participants realize the many benefits, which include minimizing the emotional and financial costs of a divorce, they become actively engaged in reaching a solution.

To learn more about how our reliable team of legal experts can help you, contact us at Divorce Mediation of California today.

We specialize in mediation services and work with all parties for negotiation and fast resolution. We serve clients from Orange County:

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