Divorce Mediation Newport Beach – Affordable Divorce Solutions

Filing for divorce is often one of the most emotionally traumatic events that may occur in a person’s life, and it can also be financially devastating. Divorce mediation Newport Beach, CA offers an alternative to the emotional stress and financial costs of obtaining a divorce through litigation.

Since mediation over litigation is way better, not just for you and the other party but for the kids as well. Plus, you can have a peaceful settlement agreement of how things are going to be with regards to the division of property, dispute resolutions, and child custody.
Divorce Mediation Newport Beach – Affordable Divorce Solutions

Why Consider Mediation?

Flat Fee
Pay one fee for divorce completion, conflict resolutions, property divisions, and document preparations from beginning to end. Since divorce lawyers already cost a lot, the last thing you need is to spend more on a mediator and collaborative divorce attorney.
Can Be Completed Quickly
Your divorce can be resolved in our law firm with the help of our divorce mediation specialists in just a few weeks instead of months or years in court. Lessening difficult times for you and the kids.
Never Step Foot in the Courthouse
We file all of the documents and process your judgment for you, so you never go to court. It will be easy for you to move forward with your life. Since this involves other family matters as well, you will need certified family law specialists to get the proper support and assistance you need.

How Does Mediation Work?

With California divorce mediation, our team of experts in family law consists of divorce mediation attorneys, accountants, and mental health professionals. Together, we facilitate the conversations required of current and existing clients who need to make important decisions that affect themselves and their families.

After helping couples after couples by offering alternative divorce solutions, we’ve developed the tools and skills necessary to help resolve disputes.

While you may believe that the relationship has degenerated to the point that compromise is inconceivable, involving a neutral third party — like family and divorce mediators — creates the space where honest communication is possible.

Our mediation attorneys simply provide the structure, information, and options that help clients feel comfortable while having an open and honest dialogue with each other. At the same time, our attorney/client relationship is exceptional as we know where our potential new clients are coming from, and we listen to them without judgment.

After critical decisions have been reached in a mediation session, such as debt division, asset distribution, child and spousal support, and the custody arrangement for the children, we will file all of the documents and process your judgment. This allows you and your children to stay out of the courtroom.

Unlike litigation, these services are provided for one flat fee. For a complimentary consultation, contact us at Divorce Mediation of California today. It’s your time to experience several advantages of mediation.

Divorce Mediation vs. Litigation


Litigation is not based on open communication. In fact, you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse may be advised to limit your conversations.

The two of you will also not be involved in the final decisions that affect you and your children. Instead, those decisions will be made by an impartial judge who may or may not have much experience in family law. They definitely do not understand the many aspects and dynamics of your family situation.

In court, third-party testimony and possible allegations led to increasing tension and drawn battle lines, leaving wounds that were slow to heal.

Our divorce mediation lawyers in the Newport Beach office will keep you off the battlefield and turn what could be a combative legal process into a collaborative arrangement.

For divorced couples that will be co-parenting, this distinction is critical. In addition, developing open lines of communication through the skills acquired during the mediation process can promote improved dialogue and discussions. This is crucial to successful co-parenting and the creation of the best parenting plan for your children.

Unlike litigation that becomes a public record, which in turn, can be harmful to both you and your children, family mediation is private and confidential. California law states that all communications, negotiations, or settlements offered during mediation must remain confidential.

Yet another distinction is time and cost. The process of divorce mediation Newport Beach can take as little as a few weeks, whereas the process of litigation can last months or even years.

Legal fees mount along the way, resulting in tens of thousands of dollars that could have gone towards a new home or your children’s education.

At Divorce Mediation of California, we charge one flat fee that covers all mediation appointments and document preparations. We take any guesswork out of an already uncertain moment in your life and save you money in the process.

For a complimentary consultation, contact us at Divorce Mediation of California today.

To further ease your concerns, we’ve answered some commonly asked questions from those considering divorce mediation in Newport Beach.

Are My Children Involved in the Process?

Are My Children Involved in the Process?

In litigation, the answer to that question is yes. Older, mature children may be asked to testify or speak with a judge in their chambers.

Minor’s counsel may also be appointed for the children. The child custody attorney represents the best interests of the children as they see it. After undergoing an investigation and interviews, the minor’s counsel will make recommendations based on the children’s best interest.

They do not act as advocates for the children, and, therefore, do not make recommendations based on what the children prefer. In many cases, parents will split the fees involved.

In Newport Beach divorce mediation, decisions are left to parents, including the preparation of the parenting plan. In California, this is also called a custody and visitation agreement.

The plan contains a schedule that defines when the children will be with each parent and a determination on how the parents will make decisions about the education, welfare, and health of the children.

Developing a parenting plan in the best interests of the children is best suited for parents and not the court. Children fare much better when parents work together and are not fighting over custody and visitation schedules.

Our Newport Beach mediation specialists guide parents through the process of making informed decisions that affect their children for many years to come. Compared to the win-lose scenario found in litigation, we help parents reach win-win resolutions that are both good for them and their children.

To learn more, contact us at Divorce Mediation of California today.

Does the Mediator Represent Both Parties?


Our team of mediators does not represent either one of you. We remain objective while guiding you through the issues that require resolution in order to come up with an agreement.

Facilitation through a neutral third party is what makes meditation work. No one feels threatened or judged. The desired outcome is simply to create a divorce agreement that offers the best solutions for all concerned.

Once an agreement is reached, both parties may have it reviewed by their own independent counsel before signing. After signing, we will file the judgment with the court and await the judge’s approval. Neither you nor your children will have to step foot into the courtroom.

Does the Mediator Represent Both Parties?

At Divorce Mediation of California, we offer an environment of transparency where divorcing couples can express their concerns as well as their desires.

Unlike the contemptuous environment found in many courtrooms, divorce mediation Newport Beach, California, creates a respectful environment where collaboration can be achieved.

Our goal is to help people choosing mediation to avoid the emotional heartbreak a litigated divorce can lead to and help you find a better way.

For a complimentary consultation, contact us at Divorce Mediation of California today.


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