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Divorce mediation services in Fountain Valley helps clients find a less complicated, stressful, and costly approach to end their marriage.

Called divorce mediation, this process involves a third-party facilitator that helps spouses make the important decisions that lie within the context of a divorce settlement.

Why Consider Mediation?

1. Flat Fee

Pay one fee to complete your entire divorce and all the documents from beginning to end.

2. Can Be Completed Quickly

Your divorce can be resolved in our office within weeks instead of months or years in court.

3. Never Step Foot in the Courthouse

We file all of the documents and process your judgement for you, so you never go to court.

What Is Divorce Mediation?

A divorcing couple makes vital decisions that greatly affect their family, and with the help of a mediator that serves as an objective third party, spouses reach a mutually beneficial divorce agreement.

These decisions include child custody and visitation, asset and debt distribution, child support, spousal maintenance, taxes, retirement, and insurance.

The couple, and not the courts, remain in control of the outcome. Unlike litigation, divorce mediation assists spouses toward compromise and a peaceful resolution.

What Is a Divorce Mediation Process?

Depending on the complexity of the divorce and the availability of the couple, divorce mediation in Fountain Valley can take as little as a few weeks.

Generally, the process requires several sessions in which the couple and the mediator meet and find a resolution.

The divorce mediation process typically involves the following:

  • A complimentary consultation that includes an introductory meeting. This allows spouses to ask any questions they may have about the process and lets the mediator address any concerns.
  • The spouses provide the information and documents required for the settlement.
  • With the help of the mediating team, the spouses enter into the negotiation process. The unbiased facilitators do not make any decisions but help the couple reach their own conclusions.

Experienced and trained in defusing escalating conflict, a professional divorce mediation service helps the couple find a peaceful resolution.

  • The mediators offer alternatives, provide information regarding the law, address concerns, and help the party brainstorm solutions.

The mediation team is made up of family law attorneys, accounts, and mental health experts—all well versed in mitigation and litigation regarding family law.

  • A final divorce settlement is drafted by the mediators. We then recommend that each spouse have the settlement reviewed by their own attorneys.

Once signed, the mediators file all documents and process the judgment at the courthouse.

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What Are the Benefits of Divorce Mediation?

By working together, spouses and their families benefit in several ways.

  • Stay in control – By utilizing the process of mediation, a couple retains all control over the decisions that affect their family for years to come.

Litigation, on the other hand, puts the control into the hands of a judge.

  • Fosters collaboration – The process of mediation requires communication. In many instances, a couple has had limited conversations in the weeks, months, or years preceding their decision to divorce.

By working through these vital decisions, a couple learns effective communication strategies they can use for the rest of their lives and when co-parenting.

  • Mutually beneficial – Unlike the litigation process, divorce mediation involves compromise that leads to a win-win situation.
  • Better for the children – While divorce can be brutal on spouses, it can be devastating to the children.

Litigation may require a child’s involvement, including their testimony and an interview with a court representative.

Keeping children out of the court system is usually best for all concerned.

  • Saves time – Mediation can take as little as a few weeks to complete, whereas litigation may require months or even years before the resolution is reached.

At Divorce Mediation of California, we file and submit all the necessary documents, which means that neither spouse nor family members ever have to go into a courthouse.

  • Reduces costs – In addition to the thousands of dollars the mediation process saves, it also reduces the emotional conflict that arises during the litigation process.

We offer both flat and hourly fees and can discuss a better option during the initial complimentary consultation.

  • Retains privacy – California Law states that all communication that occurs in the context of mediation is private and privileged. Whatever information is shared in the presence of a mediator is considered confidential.

On the other hand, all court records are open to the public. Whatever information was hashed out during the court proceedings is available for public viewing.

What Is the Difference Between Divorce Mediation and Divorce Litigation?

Litigation is defined as the process of taking legal action when spouses could not reach an agreement and equitable settlement terms outside of the court system.

The litigation process can be brutal, impersonal, and exhausting. Everything a family has worked hard to build is being broken down into pieces in front of a judge.

Ultimately, it is this judge that will make the decisions that affect the whole family. These include how often and on what terms each spouse sees their children, who makes the important decisions regarding the children’s lives, and how the money and assets will be divided.

In some cases, the court may appoint a minor’s counsel. This lawyer investigates the child custody aspects of the case and, based on their assessment, reports their findings and recommendations to the court.

The investigation may require extensive interviews with the children as well as their teachers, doctors, or childcare providers.

Why Divorce Mediation?

As lawyers fight for their client’s demands regarding child custody and asset distribution, experts and witnesses may be called to testify about someone’s behavior or mental capacity.

Instead of increasing communication and collaboration, litigation creates hostility and fuels the fire of discontent.

In contrast, divorce mediation services in Fountain Valley consists of trained professionals skilled in the art of communication and diffusing escalating conflict.

By collaborating and reaching an agreement, divorcing couples learn effective communication strategies that will benefit them and their children for years to come.

Choose the Right Divorce Mediator

Our team of experienced experts includes attorneys, accountants, and mental health professionals that specialize in family divorce law.

Our time-efficient and the cost-effective mediation process is a non-adversarial approach to divorce.

To learn more about how we can guide you through a divorce process that results in a peaceful resolution, contact us at Divorce Mediation of California today.