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With our mediation services, your case may be settled in a matter of weeks instead of months or years, lessening the stress for you and your children, and saving thousands of dollars in attorney's fees.

At Divorce Mediation of California we have more than 60 years of combined  experience practicing family law. 

We offer a FREE CONSULTATION with a board-certified family law specialist for divorce mediation throughout Southern California.

Call to discuss flat-fee mediation options. Saturday and evening appointments are available along with video conferencing.
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Certified Family Law Specialists Offering No Court Divorce in Southern California


Many attorneys practice family law in California, but less than 10% of them are Certified Family Law Specialist. As Board Certified Family Law Specialists, we have undergone extensive training to test our knowledge of family law.  Here at Divorce Mediation of California, we are attorneys and we are also Certified Family Law Specialists.

When it comes to dissolving your marriage, dividing your assets, and determining a parenting plan for your children, you want an expert to help you navigate the process.



Flat Fee
Our firm offers a flat fee option.  The flat fee includes the initial filing with the court through the preparation and filing of the final Judgment.  With this option, there are no surprises.  You know what it will cost to get your case from beginning to end.
Can Be Completed Quickly
Your divorce can be resolved with the help of our attorney/mediators in just a few weeks, instead of months or years in court. Thus, lessening difficult times for you and your children.
Never Step Foot in the Courthouse
We file all of the documents and submit the final Judgment to the court for processing.  You will never set foot inside the courthouse.  Rest assured that our attorneys will guide you through the process, complete all paperwork, and keep you out of the courthouse.


How We Can Help

Located in Newport Beach, CA, Divorce Mediation of California is a team of attorneys, mental health professionals, and accountants, all highly skilled and experienced in handling all aspects of family law matters. Consider this as a conflict resolution center, helping you with divorce and family issues.

For a flat fee, we can provide guidance, information, and tools for you and your spouse (or former spouse) to reach an agreement between yourselves instead of litigating in court. 

Meet Our Team

Divorce Mediation of California is a team of professionals made up of attorneys, mental health professionals, and accountants—all highly skilled and experienced in handling all aspects of family law matters.

For a flat fee, we can provide the guidance, information, and tools for you and your spouse (or former spouse) to reach an agreement between yourselves instead of litigating in court.
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What Are the Benefits of Divorce Mediation?

Divorce Mediation
Divorce can be messy and mediation is an alternative to taking your legal matter to court and instead allows you and your former spouse to come to a resolution outside the legal system.

The divorce mediation process aims to keep stress to a minimum and help you and the other party reach a satisfying solution to all the decisions you need to make during the divorce process. When you’re discussing issues like child custody, help from a neutral third party can prove invaluable.

During the divorce mediation process, you’ll get personalized advice according to the specifics of your situation. Getting help from expert mediators in Orange County is often the best option for you and your family.

Speed Up the Process

Mediation can tremendously cut down the amount of time you spend negotiating your divorce.

If you schedule a court date, you’ll need to plan around the legal system’s schedule, rather than your own. This is almost always faster than taking your case before a judge.

Certain factors can affect the amount of time your divorce settlement will take to process. If you have a lot of assets or need to negotiate custody of children, for example, it may take longer for both parties to come to an agreement.

The length of time your settlement will take also depends on the number of issues you need to mediate. However, a skillful mediator can help both parties communicate, and act as a useful buffer throughout the experience.

Divorce mediators also have plenty of legal resources, since they are family law attorneys. It’s helpful to get input from divorce mediation lawyers that specialize in California family law and Orange County divorce law.

Set Your Own Terms

When a divorce goes to court, the judge will intervene and may sometimes make decisions that do not please either party. By avoiding court, you and the other party can reach a resolution on your own.

If things get tense, the mediator can step in. Since your mediator has a neutral relationship with both parties, you can expect fair treatment on both sides.

If both parties already agree on an issue, you can confirm it and focus on the issues you are having trouble resolving. The time spent in the mediation session is your time, and the services are flexible.
Set Your Own Terms

Save Money

Save Money
Going to court tends to be expensive. Instead of spending money on court fees and legal representation, you can get mediation services for a flat fee.

That fee will make sure your divorce documents are filled out correctly and filed with the court properly.

By streamlining the process and sitting down for negotiations in person, you can save money on legal fees.

Maintain Your Privacy

Mediation gives you and your former spouse a chance to discuss your disagreements and come to conclusions in private. Your conversations and the solutions you reach are confidential, instead of a matter of public record.

When it comes to sensitive issues like child support, privacy is often the best policy.

Taking issues to court often involves bringing out aspects of your personal life in public, and court files are available to the public. If privacy is important to you, consider getting services from a professional mediator instead of taking your divorce to court and revealing personal information in a public forum.

We specialize in mediation services and work with all parties for negotiation and fast resolution. We serve clients from Orange County:

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